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The About Time Project presents
Rolling Ball Clock - Whangarei

The project is a unique Rolling Ball Clock measuring 6m x 4m x 2.5m high with a striking wave form roof. This special glass enclosed kinetic sculpture comprises 35 “bowling balls” running on stainless steel tracks. They perform various physical motions like banked corners, loop the loop, ride in elevators etc as well as telling the time via timing racks.


The purpose of the project will be to create a world unique kinetic sculpture which not only tells the time but also provides a major tourist attraction with educational and cultural values. The sculpture has the potential to provoke, galvanise and educate, is a unique cultural project anchored in the community, harnessing the raw medium of balance, equilibrium, movement, gears, wheels and chains.


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Meet our Team

These are our heroes who have made this clock possible.
They have been working on this clock for over 10 years.


Project Timeline



A small group of people were assembled under the leadership of Graham Brice to create an attraction which would support the Claphams Clock Museum... Read More


Many years were spent exploring options before a study of a model of a ball clock from the Clock Museum was used as the inspiration for a much larger grander device... Read More


Seed funding and the loan of some workshop space ( borrowed for only 3 months) was obtained from the council. It took the entire team a whole year to build... Read More


The terms of gifting the Rolling Ball Clock were negotiated with council and formally accepted in May 2016. The council has agreed to own, operate and maintain the clock... Read More


Four years of open days and other fund-raising initiatives were completed with the Provincial Growth Fund accepting an application for the project... Read More


Contracts were let with a local fabrication firm Absolute Stainless to undertake the construction of the enclosure and build the entire clock mechanism... Read More


After more than two years of construction, trialing, modifications and further testing the clock has proven reliable and accurate enough to... Read More

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